Kiosk Vending Machine


4000 in stock

  • Wrapping the Kiosk in your logo/design — included in the purchase.
  • Top of the Line NCR Kiosks
  • Available in Quantity
  • Age Verification
  • Best-In-Class Software with Real-Time-Data
  • Small and Inexpensive Retail Footprint
  • Streaming Video to Generate Ad Revenue
  • Full Training is given

Price does not include shipping or handling. Please be aware this will be invoiced after purchase.
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4000 in stock



M a r k e t s i z e

• Vending machines average over $7 billion in sales yearly in the US according to Brandongaille.
• The kiosk and vending machine industry generate over $64 million in annual profits
• Over one hundred million Americans will use a vending machine each day
• The vending machine market is expected to surpass $30 billion in revenues by 2024
• The vending machine market is anticipated to increase by 14%


What we Offer?

-Kiosk POS App
-Web Manager
-RFID Technology
-Wireless Connectivity
-XIBO Digital Signage
-Age Verification
-Protection against store theft
-24/7 sales tool
-4,000 + kiosks

Kiosk POS App

Our proprietary Point of Sale (POS) application enables the user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and simple checkout.

Our specialized software enables service technicians to perform routine maintenance and load/unload products to the kiosk in a simple manner.

The POS application runs on a local platform on the kiosk and synchronizes with the backend servers in the cloud to manage operations.

The user interface theme can be customized to match the client’s branding with the option to develop additional marketing content to meet specific business needs.

Web Manger

Our web-based application Web ManagerTM manages all the POS settings, kiosks, products, promo codes, customer purchases, and more.
Web ManagerTM is used to manage daily operations and inventory management.


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