Rhodes Harbor is your resource for a sustainable future. We use best practices from industry-specific attorneys, seasoned brokers, educated advisors, established consultants, certified technicians, and licensed financial managers. Rhodes Harbor has partnered with some of the best minds and established companies around the world.

If there’s a need, we can get it. If there’s a problem, we can solve it.

Rhodes Harbor specializes in:

  • Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial Real Estate
  • Product Sales & Marketing
  • Native American Housing & Development
  • Consulting, Contracting and Broker Services

Justice Rhodes is the founder of Rhodes Harbor. He’s an enrolled Cowlitz Indian and serves as an elected Tribal Councilman. Mr. Rhodes was the founder of the Sustainable Development & Trade Law Association at the University of Denver (Sturm) College of Law. He actively provides commercial real estate services.

Fun Fact: In 280 BC, The Colossus of Rhodes was built in Rhodes Harbor in the city of Rhodes on the Greek island of the same name. As a tribute to the sun-god Helios, the statue represented a celebration in victory over a besieged island. Forged in bronze from melted weapons, it became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, standing over Rhodes Harbor guiding ships to port, much like a lighthouse and equivalent in size to the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. The Colossus made Rhodes Harbor an international trading mecca. As a trading port, Rhodes Harbor supported global commerce and still does today.